Stephen Fletcher Cars used cars in Hampshire


They're a passion of mine.

And I have restored a fair few in my time, with the majority being Jaguars. This may give a nod to my age, but many of the classics of today passed through my hands for next to nothing in the in the 70s and 80s , I dont think you will find an Aston martin for £2000 today.

My knowledge of these cars is extensive. People find it strange how I can still identify colour names trims and correct features all from memory. But then again, my book of contacts know their onions too. From painters to engineers and electricians - I know some of the best that are still going.

But I don't need a trimmer, I served my apprenticeship (16-21) as a coach trimmer working alongside the now masters at Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin. Having obtained City and Guilds Distinctions I have returned to doing my own trimming these days as I'm semi-retired.
Always on the lookout for classic cars to buy (particularly British sports cars and Jaguars from the 50s to 80s) I will buy vehicles in need of restoration (particularly incomplete restorations). But I am of course interested in vehicles that are not in need of full restorations.

Know of anything going? I can offer referral fees and can pay cash for the vehicles.


Having supplied cars for movies and TV adverts in the past, there's nothing worse than seeing vehicles from one era appearing in a piece set in another.

The cost of getting these things right is next to nothing.

So if you need an old anorak like me to get the attention to detail spot-on, I'm available for any TV or advertising consultancy.